Get A New Commercial Cleaner If You Stumble On These Signs

The smallest of margins can make the biggest of difference, and in this case, it’s cleanliness. If you have recently hired a cleaner to maintain the general upkeep in your office, they need to understand why an organised workplace is important. It can also prove to your potential employees, clients and investors that your business outlook is professional, leaving a good impression of your company. In clean working spaces, it also ensures higher employee satisfaction and better productivity levels.

Plus, in the present situation with worries over COVID-19, it’s even more important to ensure a clean workspace to safeguard the health of your employees.

Here are 4 ways you can identify easily if your hired cleaner might not be doing their job effectively.

1. Having unrealistic working speeds

Although doing things fast is a measure of efficiency, some activities should be allocated adequate time to be done properly. It is less likely that an establishment can be cleaned to perfection in a short period of time. This might mean that some areas may have been overlooked – especially those areas that do not appear dirty at face value. If your cleaner perpetually works over unrealistic periods, you should raise a concern. Professional office cleaning companies will instruct their team to carry out a thorough sanitisation and clearing of dust and debris, so your workplace remains spotless.

2. Making frequent follow up calls when possible

The hired cleaning company should be able to make follow-up calls with your establishment to monitor the progress of work and find out any issues that need to be addressed. This is also the best method for collecting feedback on the duties performed after the cleaners have left the premises. Getting in touch with the management builds your confidence in your cleaner and provides a channel through which your concerns can be addressed. These channels can also let the company know of any issues that you feel might escalate early.

3. Visible untidiness

When you hire a cleaner from a commercial cleaning company in Singapore, the service you get should be of quality. Any visible uncleanliness, dirty furniture, or poorly dusted office floors around your office should not be expected after a cleaning session. The sign of physical dirt is a clear indication that the cleaners are not performing according to standards.

4. Evidence of poor or no equipment for the job

Sometimes a cleaner may show up at your premises without the appropriate tools. Occasionally, the tools may be available but of poor quality. When the cleaners are well equipped, you are confident that the services you receive will be of good quality. Commercial cleaners should not rely on you for equipment, and their cleaners should always be well equipped to handle the task at hand.


Leaving your cleaning tasks to a professional company is a wise choice. We provide commercial cleaning services with customised solutions that suit the cleaning and maintenance needs of your business. As trusted name in contract cleaning, our company’s cleaning specialists are trained in various washing methods and techniques ensure a clean working environment for you and your employees, including areas related to landscape, washroom, floor maintenance, pest control and industrial clean room maintenance.

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