Top 6 Things to Do in Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah is Singapore’s oldest neighborhoods which offers a lot to do. From horse riding facilities to countless restaurants and cafes, the place has it all! The lush greenery of this place is covered with hiking trails and nature reserves that offer many activities. The nearby town and high-class residential districts comprise of many attractions that give people the opportunity to do a lot. We have listed a few activities which you can try when you visit Bukit Timah.

Try an Escape Room Game at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Bukit Timah Shopping centre is a seven storey building comprising of retail centers, banks, restaurants and salons. However, the best activity to be enjoyed in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre is trying an Escape Room game. The Escape Artist is a famous escape room centre in this shopping centre. Players are usually locked in a specifically designed game room and they are required to escape by finding clues and solving puzzles. It is an affordable activity worth trying at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. They have several rooms which have hidden clues and interesting themes. When you are at Bukit Timah Plaza, do try this intriguing game!

Explore Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the country’s oldest rainforest. This picturesque place has a reputation for being a great place to explore. Occupying most of Bukit Timah, this reserve has 500 species of flora and fauna. It comprises of many trails suitable for cycling, jogging and hiking along with rock climbing. The view from this reserve will leave you mesmerized!

Horse City Gallop Stables

If you are a fan of horse riding, then Gallop Stable offers rides around Bukit Timah on horses with an instructor. You are not bounded to take subscription with Gallop stables and you can enjoy activities ranging from trail rides to pony rides.

Dining Galore!

Bukit Timah has an array of places to dine at. Sixth avenue is a popular spot which has a plethora of restaurants including Casa Roma, Brazil Churrasco and La Nonna. Bars like Bah Bah Black Sheep and Cavern are famous nightlife hangouts. Bukit Timah Shopping Centre also has some good eateries such as Yi Ke Guan and Manna Korean Restaurant. Other places including Omakase Burger, Violet Oon’s and Dancing Crab are worthy of a try at Turf City.

PasarBella Farmer’s Market

This market is an ideal place for foodies! Pasar Bella is an open food market selling a colourful and aromatic spread of products. From craft beer to Italian food and freshly made bread and pastries, this market cum restaurant has it all! The place will be jam packed on weekends so be prepared for the crowd.

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